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April 2016 - Pedelec Adventures

Pedelec Adventures Sand to Snow Tour
April - June 2016

5,000 kilometers from Monterey to Denver

• Electric mountainbike expedition by Pedelec Adventures leads Susanne Brüsch and her team 5,000 kilometers (3,100 mi) from Coastal California, through the high-tech forge of Silicon Valley to the signal-free wilderness of the United States.
• In 10 weeks the team rides from the lowest, driest and hottest point of the USA in Death Valley to the highest pass in the Rocky Mountains.
• Riding through some of the World’s most famous national parks, they climb a record-breaking total of 57.000 meters (187,000 feet) in 180 hours
• This is the world’s first long-distance ride on Haibike SDURO ePerfomance bikes powered exclusively by Yamaha.

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