Protegear WeatherInfo

The perfectly localized Weather Forecast on your InReach!

The New InReach Weather Service is now available on all InReach SE and InReach Explorer with Firmware 2.11 and above!
You will find a new Icon "Weather" on the device as well as on the EarthMate app and you can choose to have a Basic, Premium oder Maritime Weather Forecast, either for your local or any other position. A few minutes later you will receive weather reports as shown below. Costs only 3-4 message units!

Even more precise:
ProteGear WeatherInfo
 delivers high-resolution weather forecasts for your location to your InReach!

Easy to use: Send a blank email from your InReach to and after a few minutes an accurate weather forecast for your location, divided into 3-hour intervals for the next 24 hours will arrive on your device!


23:03:16 | h9 + 5N7CLD27, <1mm | h12 + 6N9CLD40, <1mm | h15 + 7N9CLD63, <1mm | h18 + 5NW8CLD68, <1mm | h21 + 3W8CLD63, <1mm |

03.24.16 | h0 + 3W10CLD62,1mm | h3 + 2NW12CLD91,2mm | h6 + 2NW15CLD68,1mm 

There is a forecast for 03/23/2016 for the current location, indicated in UTC (GMT) time: at 9 am (h9) the temperature forecast + 5 ° C (+5), the north wind with 7 km/h (N7), a cloud cover of 27% (CLD27), and a rainfall of less than 1 mm (<1mm). This is followed by the forecast for 12 noon (h12) 15 pm, 18 h, 21 h and the next day.


[Date for which prognosis is valid] | [Forecast date 1] [temperature 1] [Wind 1 in km/h] [cloud cover 1], [Precipitation 1] | [Forecast time 2] .....

Costs: € 6,95 per request

High Resolution weather service provided by with "Ultra High Resolution weather forecasts". The predictions are derived in practice of model grids which have less than 100m of horizontal resolution (other vendors typically use several km). MetGIS working against a very scientific background, which guarantees high quality. The prediction techniques have been in over 10 years of work in research institutes, universities and meteorological services of different countries developed (Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Peru, Chile, Argentina). Since 2005, information about MetGIS on more than 20 scientific conferences in 16 countries were presented. Approximately 30 scientific articles on the subject MetGIS published in four languages (English, German, Spanish and French).

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