ProteGear Vessel Tracking & Tender Tracking

The Everywhere Real-Time Auto-Monitoring System with Roaming Geofences

Real-time Hybrid GSM/4G/satellite vessel and aircraft tracking. On any internet device you can manage, view and communicate with your entire fleet. Always. Everywhere.

+ Monitor vessels, aircraft, persons in real-time

+ 100% global – all oceans

+ Worlds first satellite pay-per-day service

+ Worlds first GSM-4G-Iridium-hybrid service

+ TimeLine: Replay of your daily or historical tracks

+ Global Email&SMS communication included

+ Anchor Alarm

+ Add race services with LiveRanking

Roaming Geofences: They automatically adapt around the location of the main vessel! 


ProteGear VesselTrack is an All-Inclusive-Package consisting of hardware (Garmin/InReach Iridium satellite tracking devices with 100% global coverage) and fully automatic monitoring application with automatic safety features that runs in the background. 

Different warning and alarming scenarios (like routing control, anchor alarm, SOS call etc), will be controlled automatically and any warnings will be sent to you and your team also by SMS and email - also you can connect ProteGear to your existing systems (M2M) via REST-API. So you don’t need to be “online” and will still be in control!

Comparable to AIS MarineTraffic: while AIS is the perfect choice for huge shipping companies, ProteGear Vesseltrack is meant for single vessels or small groups of vessels.


What‘s it good for?

+ For your company, as you will have a 100% global monitoring for your fleet and your tenders, with many safety features and a global rescue coordination center in the background

+ For your clients, as they will have additional safety, can invite their fammily & friends to follow them: „follow your friends“: each vessel will have its own live-tracking-website, and additional services like global SMS & globalmail for each ship.

ProteGear VesselTrack features at a glance:


+ 100% global „all-oceans“ real-time monitoring 

+ automatic surveillance and automatic dead-man switch for routing control, anchor alarm

+ manual SOS call will be passed through your own and/or global rescue coordination center

+ additional services like global sms and globalmail available on the ship

+ automatic localized marine weather forecast included

+ optional: high-resolution weather forecast provided by

+ optional: TeamTracking (each vessel in a naval unit can see each others position in real-time)

+ optional Rescue Navigation (e.g. for naval unit)

+ no minimum contract period (trackers bought), pay-by-use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis

+ for short term usage: pay-per-day service, no running costs in stand by periods

+ remote activation/deactivation: each tracker can be remotely activated and deactivated


The advantages ProteGear vs. AIS:

+ No limits, 100% global coverage at very low costs

+ Very easy setup

+ Automatic control, dead-man switch

+ see more on the separate comparison sheet

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Article in BOATS EXCLUSIVE August 2018

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