ProteGear TripShare

The professional Tracking-Map-Solution

ProteGear TripShare always shows your current position with live statistics ... public or private.


TripShare combines map and event services for different tracking systems in a newly programmed and 100% smartphone / tablet compatible interface. The simplest function is "tripView", which displays the current position of your InReach with history & statistics.


Current features of TripShare:


  • RealTime Coverage
  • Individually configurable additional information permanent or visible at a click
  • Live stats for Min / Max / Avg / Current for speed, altitude and AGL
  • Graphical representation of distance traveled or altitude profiles
  • Individually configurable info pop-ups and tracking lines
  • Group option for tracking many devices on a page
  • Integration of different tracker sources & hardware possible, eg SPOT, InReach, MT90, P99, Flymaster
  • Connection to website, smartphones, tablets, TV
  • Free for ProteGear Freedom customers
  • NEW with TimeLine function for automatic or manual replay of your tracks
  • NEW with current display of altitude above ground (AGL)
  • On request, automatic daily statistics via KML / GPX / IGC file.
  • Directly download GPX File for all kind of periods
  • and much more!

Get access by your Facebook or Google account, so you do not have to create a new account and new passwords.


What else is possible?


In addition to the individual display and the event system (LiveTracking & LiveRanking), many other functions will be added in the future! Thus, the system can also be addressed externally via the REST API and thus, for example, take over the event / location from any other trackers or system and display it together. 

Review and tracks can only be displayed for the last 12, 24, 48 hours or 7 days.

GPX Export: Export all or individual tracks via GPX or link to other websites via URL (e.g.

GPX Export must be enabled/disabled under TripShare -> EditYourTrips.


 For integration into your website as iFrame:

<iframe src=""></iframe>


Additional parameters when calling a TripView URL

(at the end of https: // ........) add:

Parameter/Example Function
&track=all shows all tracks since the start time of the TripView
&track=IMEI1,IMEI2,... shows only the tracks of the specified IMEI numbers
&info=all starts the TripView website with all Info-PopUps displayed
&info=IMEI1,IMEI2,... starts the TripView website with the Info-PopUps for the IMEIs
&zoom=6 opens a certain zoom level around a virtual polygon of all last coordinates

On request with daily delivery of the current evaluation as a KML file, eg for Google Earth.

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