ProteGear SmartSafety

Global Automatic Monitoring- & Emergency Call-System for early awareness

Calls for help even if you can't !   100% global dead-man switch.
Reduces rescue response times by up to 90% ... by your friends or rescue teams

Includes active surveillance with automatic dead-man switch, dynamic / roaming geofences, collision alert and more!


Track yourself, your friends or your clients and get early warnings about critical situations. Provides fully-automatic deadman-switch and manual SOS calls. 100 % global, no roaming hassles, works even without internet. Reduces rescue response times dramatically, provides satellite-based Rescue NavigationNow available also with Pay-per-Day. The first satellite tracking system with day-charge... don't pay if you dont use it!

SmartSafety Profiles for different sports are already available: for mountainbiking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, climbing, mountain hiking, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, lone-workers, hunter. Customized profiles are also available.


SmartSafety looks out for :
+ Steady and Roaming-Dynamic Geofences

+ Loss of Signal

+ CRASH, HALT, HEIGHT (absolute or relative to ground)

+ Dead-Man Switch with non-moving situations

+ Smart AutoSessions with PAUSE-CheckIn

+ External triggers like Avalanche airbags (on specific devices like A*LIVE)

+ 2-step alarm escalation: first your friends & team, then eventually escalated to 112 / GEOS
+ and more...

ProteGear SmartSafety: 
Finalist of ISPO BrandNew Awards 2016/2017


ProteGear is the only global Tracking, Communication and Safety-Rescue System. You can track yourself, your friends, or your clients during any outdoor sports activity and get early warnings of critical situations. Its the only system on the market that works 100% globally with no roaming hassles, independent from any fixed-line or mobile (GSM) networks, even without electrical power supply. 

ONE BUTTON! Using the System is easy: After the first Set-up its just one button to get it started! It provides fully-automatic deadman-switch (e.g. user has to be actively moving within a certain „safe zone“) and manual SOS calls for the user. As a result it reduces rescue response times dramatically. Alarm Messages will be provided to unlimited receivers via SMS, email and satellite. Optionally available is a Rescue Navigator to further improve and accelerate rescue operations in remote areas and difficult environments (darkness, high waves, mountains etc).

All the activities we serve...

For local and global SAR operations.



  • ONE BUTTON Tracking-Safety and Rescue Solution with no limits in any outdoor activity (sky should be visible)
  • AUTOMATIC SAFETY: Provides fully-automatic deadman-switch and manual SOS calls for the user.
  • GLOBALLY: The only system that works 100% global with no roaming hassles, independent from any local network, power supply or the internet. Includes unique email adress per device, truly globally reachable.
  • RESCUE FASTER: Reduces rescue response times and provides Rescue Navigator for difficult environments
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Provides (competition) statistics for the user (total length, max speed, average speed, altitudes, ...), automatic Weather Informations and more...
  • Can be rented (starting at Eur 29/month/device), sold or re-sold. Individual Adaption for your scenario!
  • Flexible DataPlans: Switch to Standby when you dont need the service - and reactivate it later. Now available also with Pay-per-Day. The first satellite tracking system with day-charge... don't pay if you dont use it!
  • References: Club Mistral Mauritius & Karpathos (Greece), Massa Vecchia Bikecenter (Italy), Club Ventos Jericoacoara (Brazil), Dakhla Attitude (Morocco), Hauser Exkursionen (Germany), Dr. Christoph Höbenreich (Skitour Antarctica), Yachtschule Herne (Germany), NewSchool Kitesurfing (Italy), Wind & Wave Dolls (Canary Islands, Spain), and more than 120 other B2B and B2C clients...
  • Other Services: ProteGear FarOut, ProteGear LiveTV, ProteGear VesselTrack 
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SmartSafety Pricing for InReach

You can activate and deactivate each device simply by one-click within the SmartSafety Administration WebApp.
To add to your existing contract: Eur 9 / month + 0,09 per SMS alarm.

Dataplan / Period Monthly Week Daily40 Daily60 Daily200
Price per active period € 59,50 € 15,95 € 3,45 € 4,50 € 9,50
Basic fee incl. activation € 79 / year
tracking points and PRESET-Messages included per period 1000 250 40 60 200
per additional tracking point € 0,05 € 0,03
per SMS/Email from/to InReach (each 50 chars) € 0,10
per alarm-SMS generated from automatic warnings to real cellphones € 0,09

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