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ProteGear SmartSafety

4D LiveTracking + Life Saving

Automatic Monitoring- & Emergency system for early awareness. Reduces rescue response times by up to 90%. Includes RescueNavigation also for companion rescue.

Never again go unnoticed in a critical situation... from only EUR 9,95 per month

Every year more than 20.000 people disappear or die in outdoor activities.

Just because nobody gets aware early enough that there might be a person in trouble.

Or just can’t call for help as only 10% of the earth is covered by cellular networks.

Or the exact position is unknown.


We give you the missing 90% on top.

Real-Time. At one rate.

And make others aware!

Technical Specifications.

  • 100 % global real-time tracking by Iridium satellite, GSM, 3G/4G, GPS + Galileo*
  • Flexible data plans: pay only when activated, no costs in StandBy
  • Automatic Dead-man‘s switch with PAUSE & REST function to avoid false alarms
  • Detects triggers like HALT, HEIGHT, ZONE, CRASH, EXTERNAL* (Bluetooth.5) and more
  • Manual SOS call and cancellation of any alert at any time (enables real-life tests)
  • Unlimited Layers & Fences, Adhoc- / Dynamic-Roaming-Geofences (anchor alarm etc.)
  • Live Feedback on tracking device with automatic alarms (e.g. Zone alert)
  • Flexible notifications, 2-step-escalation: first alerts team & friends, then 911 / 112 / GEOS
  • Notifications to SMS, Email, Telegram, Webhooks, InReach RescueDevices and more
  • Each trigger and notification can be limited to certain times of the day
  • Global 2-way-text-communication with A*LIVE and InReach (SMS, Email & more)*
  • RescueNavigation for Smartphones and InReach for fast near-field localization
  • Competition features with LiveRanking, dynamic buoys, automatic evaluations & more

*depending on chosen hardware

SmartSafety is available with these devices for Rental, Purchase or as an Add-On-Service for already operating devices.

Packages Rental & Purchase

Model Network Specials Rental incl. Data Buying Price Datas per active month StandBy
Crash Detection
Voice communication
2 Min Interval
€ 29 € 159 from € 9,95 € 0
Voice communication
Inductive Charge (QI)
2000 mAh battery
1 min Interval
(optional 1, 2, 10, 30 sec)
€ 39 € 219 from € 9,95 € 0
InReach Mini Iridium
100% global
global 2-way-SMS/Email
10 min Interval
€ 89* € 229 from € 19,95* € 0
GPSMAP 66i Iridium
100% global
topographic maps
global 2-way-SMS/EMail
10 min Interval
€ 99* € 440 from € 19,95* € 0
A*LIVE GSM / 4G / Iridium
100% global
Crash Detection
external sensors
Inductive charge (QI)
2700 mAh battery
Intervals 1 Min GSM /
5 Min Iridium
€ 59 € 499 from € 9,95 € 0
Flymaster3G / SPOT Add On Service   from € 9,95      € 0

All monthly plans are based on 30-day intervals. Alternatively, weekly rates are available for the InReach models. For purchases: Annual fee incl. Activation € 49 (InReach € 79). InReach prices without SmartSafety (+ € 9.95 / month). Telephone minutes and alarm SMS are charged at € 0.09 each. 10 SMS per month are included.

Links to the devices:
PUCRHASE: InReach Mini / InReach Explorer+ / P99G / MT90G / A*LIVE

0. First Setup

Alarm scenarios are pre-set and can be changed by a few clicks, as well as alarm endpoints for SMS, voice*, Email, Rest-API or RescueNavigation. SmartSafety profiles for different sports are already available: for mountain-biking, windsurfing, kite-boarding, climbing, hiking, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, lone-workers, hunters, and more. Customized profiles available too.


1. Turn the Tracker ON

Activate Tracking and take the device with you.

The safety surveillance starts automatically. Your friends can monitor your tracking live on a private website. They can also get an automatic notification when you start and finish your activity. You can also get daily KML/GPX/IGC files, statistics and rankings for competitions. Always 100% global*. 

*voice and satellite communications depending on selected hardware

2. You are safer

The automatic dead-man switch runs in the background and checks if you are still moving “normally”, within the geofence, within your height limits, if you drift away, or if you crash. In addition you can always trigger a manual SOS, cancel any alarm, or have a semi-automatic SOS triggered by an external sensor via Bluetooth5, e.g. by an avalanche airbag system for example.

SOS : In case of emergency?

For each scenario (e.g. manual SOS or automatic crash / idle alarm), different notification chains can be assigned with a 2-step escalation. Example: First, SmartSafety notifies about your position via SMS / Email to friends and team for companion rescue. At their request or after a timeout without reaction professional rescue facilities such as mountain rescue or coast guards (via 112 / GEOS) are activated, which may continue to communicate with you or your preconfigured emergency contacts.

SmartSafety Usage and Example of a TRACE
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Finalist ISPO BrandNew Awards 2016/2017


ProteGear SmartSafety Infoflyer
Calls for help even if you can't
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Extended SmartSafety Prices for InReach

Easy instant activation directly from the SmartSafety web app.
ALTERNATIVELY as a surcharge to the existing tariff: from € 9.95 / month plus SMS per 0.09.

Dataplan/ Period Month Week Daily40 Daily60 Daily200
Rate per period € 59,95 € 15,95 € 3,45 € 4,50 € 9,50
Basic fee incl. activation € 79 / Jahr
included tracking points/ PRESET-Messages per period 1000 250 40 60 200
each additional tracking point € 0,05 € 0,03
each SMS/Email from/ to InReach (each 50 chars) € 0,10

each Alarm-SMS sent to real cellphones

(the first 10 per month are free of charge)

€ 0,09

Extended SmartSafety for InReach

Complete Data Packages for all InReach devices. Yearly basic subscription fee € 79.
For daily activation you can activate and deactivate your dataplan directly within the SmartSafety Admin App. Unused units will not be transferred to the next period.

At order only the 1st period is being charged. A SEPA direct debit or credit card will be used for charging the annual fee, follow-up months and any overdraft fees, please indicate the IBAN and BIC or credit card details at the end of the ordering process.

After ordering please do not log in on, you will automatically receive an access by email. Data protection policy for all InReach Services can be found here.


3,45 €

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