ProteGear for Competitions

The unique LiveTracking solution for all outdoor competitions. With integrated security, result evaluations and emergency call function. Ready to use, easy to rent - incl. data plan from EUR 19 per device.


LiveTracking: 100% global real-time monitoring

down to 1 second intervals. Connected by GSM/3G/4G + Iridium.

Full-featured REST-JSON-API (Push & Pull).


LiveResults: LiveRanking for many types of competitions available.

Static and dynamic route control – also for floating buoys.

Including replay and personal log & tracks for each competitor.


SmartSafety & Rescue: Manual + Automatic SOS with dead-man‘s

switch, Crash detection, dynamic geofences and much more.

Calls for help even if they can‘t. Includes Rescue Navigation.


Communication: 2-way-hands free voice communication

for coaching and safety purposes (P99).

2-way global text-communication via smartphone (A*LIVE).


• Buy or Rent, pay only in active periods.


• IP67 waterproof. Wireless charging (QI).


• Easy One-Button Operation. Failsafe.


• Up to 30 hours of operation with one charge.

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