ProteGear LiveEvent for TV & Web

ProteGear Live Event brings your event closer to your audience and your jury!

ProteGear Live Events provides true real-time coverage, whether as a "second screen"  or as the main attraction, ideal as Judging tool to find the fastest, the best. Including static and dynamic geofences, route-control, SmartSafety and SOS call.

Now your competition takes place directly on your site, on television and on the big screen. Each competitor will appear in real-time and - configured - with additional information such as distance traveled, current position, (max) speed, distance, height or more. Perfectly prepared, whether for TV, phone, projector, etc. Website

ProteGear Live Event Features:

  • Real Time Coverage (GSM-3G with up to 1 sec interval)
  • Highest accuracy by uBlox-8-chipset. Resolutions: Lat/Long by 9 digits, Speed by 0.01 km/h, Course by 1 degree. Altitude and AGL by 1 meter.
  • visible Individually configurable additional information permanently or on click
  • Graphical display of distance traveled or height profiles
  • LiveRanking: Automatic creation of ranking lists
  • Automatically updated course-borders (e.g. in watersports/sailing with moving buoys to adapt the course according to wind conditions)
  • Static and Roaming Geofences to control given routes.
  • The only LiveTracking system that includes SOS-Emergency Calls and GSM Free-Hands-Voice Connections.
  • Automatic KML export of routes for every competitor for personal analysis
  • Access to website, mobile, tablet, TV
  • very low costs
  • pre-installed with industrial 2FF-SIM-Cards (-80° to +100°)
  • remote control and support included
  • can be combined with SmartSafety with automatic dead-man-switch
  • and much more!

Just contact us for your individual offer! Starting at € 19 / device.

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