ProteGear LiveEvent for TV & Web

ProteGear Live Event brings your event closer to your audience and your jury!

ProteGear Live Events provides true real-time coverage, whether as a "second screen"  or as the main attraction, ideal as Judging tool to find the fastest, the best.

Now your competition takes place directly on your site, on television and on the big screen. Each competitor will appear in real-time and - configured - with additional information such as distance traveled, current position, (max) speed, distance, height or more. Perfectly prepared, whether for TV, phone, projector, etc. Website

ProteGear Live Event Features:

  • Real Time Coverage (GSM-3G with up to 1 sec interval)
  • visible Individually configurable additional information permanently or on click
  • Graphical display of distance traveled or height profiles
  • LiveRanking: Automatic creation of ranking lists
  • Automatically updated course-borders (e.g. in watersports/sailing with moving buoys to adapt the course according to wind conditions)
  • The only LiveTracking system that includes SOS-Emergency Calls and GSM Free-Hands-Voice Connections.
  • Automatic KML export of routes for every competitor for personal analysis
  • Access to website, mobile, tablet, TV
  • very low costs
  • pre-installed with industrial 2FF-SIM-Cards (-80° to +100°)
  • remote control and support included
  • and much more!

Just contact us for your individual offer! Starting at € 19 / device.

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