Protegear GlobalMail

100 % Global Email Communication

ProteGear offers a unique and completely independent e-mail address for each InReach. This is the first time a global email communication becomes possible, at low cost to the remotest corners of the earth, on all oceans and even the poles: 100% Global!

ProteGear GlobalMail Features:

  • Real email address for 2-way communication (e.g,
  • Forwarding from standard email accounts, replying directly on the device or on the Bluetooth-connected Smartphone comfortably
  • Set individual length limit of 50, 160 or more characters (received messages are split in 160 characters-units)
  • HTML Stripping (transmission of plain text for the reduction of data)
  • Individually configurable whitelist / blacklist to reject unwanted emails
  • Automatic CC-forwarding to your regular e-mail-address to receive all emails even when your device is offline.
  • Spam filter

Exclusively for our clients with ProteGear Dataplans.


Info Services

Wikipedia: Send a keyword to to use the world's largest library anytime, anywhere.  In a few minutes, the Wikipedia summary will appear on your device. (free of charge*)


News: Send a keyword to to receive the latest news from Google News. (free of charge*)

*Data Use of Inclusive Volume


Weather: send any sign to to be informed about the current weather situation in your region (6,95 € pre request) More info on how to call up the weather forecast here...

Setting up GlobalMail

For changes to the current configuration (default value: 160 characters, no filter) or establishing an additional address please go to  -> TRIPSHARE -> GlobalMail


Signatures, citations of previous mail traffic, HTML elements are generally not transmitted.

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