Radio Coaching

Use Free of Charge bluetooth radio contact with your clients to keep them "online" with your instructions.
Works perfectly for 1:1 up to 1:5 sessions, 600 m range, waterproof, full-duplex.

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1:5 Bluetooth-Intercom (up to 600 m)

bbTalkin is a bluetooth-enabled communication system reaching out up to 600 m.

BbTALKIN is an evolutionary Bluetooth Waterproof Communication Device which eliminates push to talk communication! It uses long-range bluetooth technology that allows people to communicate clearly with each other on the water.  This system has bridged the gap between athlete and coach.  This technology enhances the learning curve two fold.


The coach and athlete (student) are now directly connected being able to communicate instant instruction and feedback.  The athlete’s progression and development is rapidly expedited with this communication capability.  Can be used for all levels of training whether advanced (Pro), intermediate or beginner.   The coach is able to relay feedback to the student immediately while on the water.


  • Maximum distance: 600 m (by own experience) 
  • connects up to 6 devices in one group call
  • fits to all kind of helmets
  • Operating time: 15h
  • Stand by time: 700h
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Water proof level: IPX7
  • bluetooth Ver.: 3.0
  • Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Radio authentication: TELEC, CE, FCC
  • CH1=Intrcall, CH2=Phone, CH3=Music

Check out our video tutorials about pairing and using the clips ... here!

B2B area for VDWS-WaterSportsCentres here


Perfect for coaching, also + Extreme sports voice recorder + Water proof LIVE Stream equipment
Functions are upgraded, you can now do intercalling and phone calling at the same time to do live streaming, etc.

BbTalkin PackageSet 1:1

bbTalkin Kite-Package for 1 Instructor and 1 Student:

  • 2 StandardUnits Bluetooth radio
  • 2 waterproof casings
  • 1 Headset with hat / brown or black / or Cap
  • 1 Headset HelmetPad (without Helmet)
  • 2 USB cables for charging
  • 2 attachement clips
  • 1 velcro

463,00 €

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If you have any question to the BbTalkin feel free to ask! Contact here!

ProteGear 1on1-Instructor+Safety

4 functions in 1 safety & communication system:


  • 2-way-communication with no radio disturbances (hands free)
  • Live Tracking - see the current position live on your smartphone
  • Safety: SOS-emergency call for your client
  • Daily Speed/Race Challenges with LiveRanking: Live on your website, facebook, with Best-of-500m ranking (daily, weekly, monthly, by season)

All of this in a waterproof device (IP66) with inductive charging, no strings attached, 90 g light.

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