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100% Global Tracking & Safety Solutions. Powered by IRIDIUM.

Global SafeTrack Systems is an authorized dealer for DeLorme/Garmin InReach satellite communication trackers for Europe. We are also offering general and customized worldwide DataPlans to bring your InReach to life!

We have developed a range of safety products called ProteGear focusing mainly on InReach devices and other GPS/GSM Trackers. Now available also with Pay-per-Day. The first satellite tracking system with day-charge... don't pay if you don't use it!

ProteGear SmartSafety is the perfect safety for all outdoor activities. Triggers an SOS call even if you can't !  Tailor-made for your needs. Includes a unique Rescue Navigation that works everywhere! Read more here.

For local and global SAR operations.

All satellite products & data plans

When we say "Global", we really mean it!
Based on Iridium Satellite Systems we can deliver the only and truly global telematic systems. Worldwide, 100% Coverage, no roaming hassles.

Take a look at our affordable telematic systems 

ProteGear Vessel Tracking

ProteGear SmartSafety
starting at Eur 29 per month device and satellite fees included!


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or info@globalsafetrack.com

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